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Member Lounge 

The Member Lounge is a wonderful multi-use room perfect for relaxing, playing games or throwing a party.  With its floor to ceiling windows and row of comfortable lounge chairs facing court 1, the Member Lounge provides "court-side" seating for members to watch our better player's on their favored court, and for watching the Club's many USTA and 5.5+ exhibition matches.  The Member Lounge also features a comfortable large screen TV viewing area as well as several felt topped card tables popular with the Club's vibrant bridge community. As with the rest of the Club, the Member Lounge has a wonderful living room feel, a perfect home-away-from-home.  Whether for private use or coming together for a Club activity, Members often comment on how much they enjoy their time at the Cal Club. Members of all ages can always somewhere to eat, relax, play cards, watch amazing tennis matches and sporting events on TV, or simply play TENNIS